Late last year on a weekend trip to Waterford, whilst driving into the city we were greeted with a stunning image of a man’s body being embraced from behind with further unknown hands firmly clasped around his out stretched arms. The image literally sat up on a hill over looking the city.

A short while later, after booking into our hotel and out exploring we stumbled across another two striking images in a small square on either side of a house. The more we explored the more urban art images we discovered. With a pattern well and truly formed I Googled and quickly found the Waterford Walls project, an amazing initiative founded in 2015 as stated on their website ‘by a small team to bring much needed colour back to Waterford’, and they most certainly have.

It is an absolute joy to wander around and be greeted with thought provoking, smile inducing public art for everyone to enjoy. Sitting in a coffee shop looking up a larger than life image, wandering down side streets, filled with colour, an urban landscape used as a canvas to create striking, provocative and amusing visual images.

Intrigued I browsed their website discovering the artists who have been involved since the festivals initiation in 2015. Joe Caslin the creator of the stunning piece we first saw entering the city one of many Irish and international artists who have created the urban gallery in Waterford.

And it is all happening again this year – “17th-26th August, 2018 will see over 50 artists descend on our city to paint beautiful artwork on over 50 walls. Accompanying the artists at work there will be workshops, art jams expert panel talks, art and music trails all across Waterford city. Hang out with the WW team and artists over the 10 days in our two hub areas-The Yard and The Plaza.”

Now I definitely know where I will be heading in August, if not before hand as well. There are still so many of the pieces I have yet to see.

For all the details of the 2018 festival visit their website or their FB page

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