Hi, my name is Missy Bonkers and I am a nine-year-old springer spaniel, even though everyone keeps saying that I look like a puppy. It’s really only because my human mom Tina takes me to the doggy hairdressers and has my hair cut. It’s fun there; I get treats and a new little bow for my collar.

But that’s not why I am here chatting today, human mom has finally given me my own space on her bloggy website thing, yeah and it’s called Travels with Missy. She said I could chat about our latest trip over the weekend.

Mom told me about the trip the night before and I was so excited I woke up at 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 and 7, just to see if we were all ready to go, apparently this didn’t impress mom and I didn’t get my morning walk. Tired humans always take so long to get ready to leave, I sat while bags and more bags left the house and headed for the car.

Finally, It was my turn. I always have the back seat, not that I like the back seat, I’d rather be up the front, but my happy dribble seems to cause some sort of issue. Not sure why, I’m happy, I dribble, when I dribble a lot, I have to shake my head, and human dad always groans. It seems that he doesn’t like splashes of my doggy drool on his face. I mean I really can’t help it, what’s a dog to do, all the smells and stuff.

So we drove, and drove and drove, humans love to drive. Thankfully they also like to drink coffee or I’d never get to pee. A quick pee and doo later we did more driving to a place called Howth.


Mom said she had a surprise in that “I love talking to my dog” tone. I do try really hard to concentrate on what she is saying, but between the smells and the sights, the birds and stuff I can only really focus on the main words, as long as WALK is in there somewhere I’m happy.

In Howth after a short walk we visited The Dog House, it wasn’t really a doghouse, but it was very cool, I could sit with mom and dad as they ate their vegetable stuff.

Mom was happy, dad was happy; mom said she was only ever going to eat in places we could all go together. I was happy, mainly because there was a crazy bird sitting on the back of a chair singing to me.

After, we went walking around Howth, my favourite thing to do walking, sometimes mom is a slow walker so I have to drag her, this can cause the battles.

Then it was back to the car for more driving. We went to Skerries, where we walked around windmills and I had to wait while the humans chatted with another human with a doggy kinda like me, just a bit bigger, then we went to a pub thingy where more humans chatted, I got some water, got kinda bored, then a little bit more bored, so I had a snooze.

Much, much later, like dark outside later we left and went to a small house. Mom said it was an Airbnb, whatever that is, but I could go in and that made me very happy, later I cuddled on my blanket and slept.

Then it was BEACH TIME – I love the beach, love, love, love the beach. Me my ball, the water, the sand, the smells, I ran and ran and ran, then we went for food. Well, I ate in the car and mom and dad ate in a place called the Eastern Seaboard.

Mom read me the rules so I could go in, I mostly listened, once I look like I am listening she’s happy. As long as she knows what I’m supposed to do, I’m always fine.

Then it was a long drive home, happy, happy, happy, mom was happy, dad was happy and I wagged a lot cause I was happy just being with my humans.

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