Working from home is fast becoming an accessible option to many people in today’s modern world. While this is an excellent option there are many pros and cons to working from your home. Will you be able to set up a dedicated work space, if not working from your living room or kitchen may lead to working longer hours or a blurring of the lines between work and home life.

When setting up a home office there are many things to take into consideration, not to mention if there is the space available. Also the biggest mistake people can make when they leave their place of employment to set up a work place at home is to duplicate/copy the work environment they have just left.

The five basic requirements for a good work environment are:

  • A quiet place where one can work undisturbed
  • Good ventilation, light and a clean healthy atmosphere.
  • Proper installation of electrical equipment and protection from their emissions.
  • Well designed storage, furniture and fittings.
  • Personal items which lend support and inspiration.

Desk Location

The best location for a desk is by a window where you can benefit from the natural light, air and a view. If possible the window should be eye level so as to look out at the horizon intermittently as this helps the eye muscles to relax while concentrating on the task at hand.

Light Source

Day light bulbs give out a clear bright light as close to daylight as possible. These bulbs are very important for designers, crafts people and architects as the all for true colours to be matched correctly. Daylight bulbs also prevent symptoms of SAD seasonal affective disorder.

Dedicated Power Source

If possible a dedicated power source of energy solely used for your office space to run the computer etc. This protects your computer from electricity surges and overloading the other electrical circuitry. It is also important to make sure that you allow for enough power sockets for lamps, answering machines, faxes etc.

A Creative and Inspirational work environment

You can make a work area a creative and inspirational environment by displaying pictures, paints, postcards as well as installing a creative/inspirational notice board for one to stick ideas to. Jars full of beads, fabrics, colours can also be left displayed in the room. Plants will soften hard lines and make the place friendlier as well as healthy. Listen to you favourite music can also be very soothing and aid creativity.

Office flooring

If at all possible avoid synthetics carpets or plastic vinyl flooring as they allow static electricity to build up in a room and will affect your health as well as possible the working of the machines.

Avoiding repetitive stress injury

The best position for a computer in an office relating to the user would be to have the computer screen at eye level and the key board should be at the right height for your forearms to be right angles to you upper arms. If it is not in this position repetitive stress injuries can result.

The Home Office Published UR Dream Home (Interiors magazine West of Ireland)

Words Tina O Rourke

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