“MASSIVE SAVINGS ON AISLE FIVE”, the friendly voice announced over the supermarket PA system.

Mary and Jim Junior, already at their favourite aisle, couldn’t to be bothered listening to the announcement. Boxes and boxes of Want filled every shelf to capacity.

“Why can’t I have them?” Mary Junior cried out, pointing to each of the boxes, “I want, I want, I want”.

Mary Senior, motivated to respond to the announcement, takes Mary Junior by her hand, “Jim, We should move quickly?”

He nods, “Yes we need to hurry, massive savings never last for long”.

Jim Senior taking hold of Jim Junior’s hand hurries to the top of the Want aisle.

An organised but fast moving crowd of families moved swiftly past them. Standing tightly together they waited for a small parting in the crowd.

A space. They jump in.

Passing by aisle two, they turned to see boxes of Love being stacked onto the shelves by a legion of navy uniformed supermarket workers.

With the massive savings to be had on aisle five, this left only a small window of opportunity to re-stack the shelves on the ‘Love for Sale’ aisle.

Only aisles three and four left. These were the eclectic aisles, here you can buy boxes of joy or pain, depending on how you view it.

A few families jumped out at the various aisles, giving up on ever reaching aisle five. But, the Senior family keep going.

The crowd turns down aisle five grabbing everything in sight, leaving behind only a few boxes. Jim Senior reached out for one of the small boxes and misses. Mary Senior seeing another bigger box reaches, grabs it and moves it back to her husband. He nods at her as they continue on down the aisle where all the families separate out.

“We were very lucky Mary” he smiles.

“What did we get mum?” “Yes dad, what did we get?”

“A bargain son, yes, a bargain. We have picked up two thousand euros worth of debt for only one thousand euros; yes son, a bargain at half the price”.

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