For FUCKS SAKE!!! Don’t you understand I’ve had enough of your rubbish?

A single pedestrian stops in his tracks and looks back at the small bald man standing at the bus stop, obviously angry with someone.

Right so!

The pedestrian, turns to continue on his way.

The bald man takes a few steps backwards and with the same will as an Olympic long Jumper about to launch themselves into a sand pit, he hurls himself at the bus stop.

An echoic vibration spills out across the pavement. The single pedestrian stops again, a million, stupid, random thoughts hopping about in his head.

The bald man lying flat on the ground, still.

Oh my God, he’s killed himself, losing all control of himself the pedestrian rushes over to the bald man.

No one else does, not another single other person. He checks to see if the bald man is breathing, bending over him, he notices a warm breath on the back of his neck.

Is he ok?

I don’t know! The pedestrian turns to see who he is talking to…

Incredibly, the bus stop has moved from her position and is looking down at the bald man.

Her, its a her… Pretty long eyelashes and a full mouth.

Sitting down the pedestrian moves his hand out to steady himself, and feels something cold and metal where the bald man should be. He turns and the bald man, who now is a FUCKING BUS STOP TOO, is smiling back at the other bus stop.

Can I help you mate? Are you waiting for the bus?

The pedestrian sits on the pavement, looking puzzled at the man speaking to him. It’s the bus stop.

I know mate!

No really it’s a bus stop…

Looking round the pedestrian sees only one bus stop and pauses. Now where in the world…

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