The summer the clowns died it rained.

It’s raining here too!
It never stops raining,
the crashing of water disturbs me, stops me from sleeping. Why do you have to be so happy?

I’m not.

I like the rain it keeps me cool.
But why cycle?
Because that’s what I do.
Irritation… you are like an itch I want to scratch. Why?
Because you cycle.
I can’t stop I’ll never be able to stop.
I did, I stopped, but it still goes on.
The water, it pounds in my head.
Well stop thinking then.
Because I can’t.
Stop thinking or cycle?
I would never want to stop cycling, cycling forever. Will that rain ever stop?
I hope not, it cools me.
I hate it, hate it.
I don’t hate anything.
That’s not true.
It is.

I lied you’re right.
What do you hate?
Broken bodies.
They can’t cycle.
They also can’t feel.

How is that good?
Because they don’t get hurt.
Being hurt is good, makes you feel alive. Even when you’re dead!
Why say that?
You know why!
I don’t want to think about it.
I hate this rain!
Now, you are just like me.
We hate the rain.
That does not make us the same.
No, ride my bike.
But I’m afraid. Of what?
I hate the rain.

But you will love to cycle.
It’s raining heavier.
It’s saying get a move on.
No. But you must if we are to go.
Go where?
You know, when the rain ends the sun comes out.

Not always.
This time it will but you must ride my bike.
I can’t.
Yes you can.
Get up.
Yes now!
We don’t have much time.
I will hate the rain if you ride my bike.

I’ll do it.
I’m afraid.
So was I the first time. The rain is easing up. Quickly cycle.

I’m doing it.
I know.
I like it.
I lied, I like the rain.
I lied, I do too.

Look the sun is coming out.

I know, I knew it would.

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