Running, the endless running, away from, towards, around, meeting deadlines… All it took was one wish; one deeply felt honest thought and everything changed. At 13:02 the clock stopped…

Gregory Pension, a rather large Springer Spaniel, standing on his hind legs, wearing a waistcoat and sporting a monocle bent forward and shook me awake. 13:02 and Gregory Pension had appeared.

‘Well, wake up little missy’, he whispered in my ear.

Shaking my head, soft brown hair touched off the side of my face; my hair had grown?

No, I too was a Spaniel, with an uncontrollably long dribbling tongue; I was soaked…

The room I was sitting in melted away, and I was sitting in a tree, me a Spaniel in a tree, a Spaniel called Missy in a tree. Gregory Pension was barking loudly, as he pulled off his waistcoat and ran towards the sandbox, which turned into a swiming pool just as he approached, legs first, anticipating the warm water.

Dribbling tongue, I, me the Spaniel, tumbled out of the tree, humming with excitement as I propelled myself toward the water, leaping, it turned back into a sandbox…

Landing just by Gregory Pension’s head, dribbling on his head, I began to dig, digging and digging.

The door opened.

Don’t you know what time it is? My colleague was hovering in the doorway.

13:02 Right!

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