Recently, I have been walking a lot more than usual, in particular after our visit to Lisbon. As a consequence we have been visiting a lot more parks and forest walks. My favourite and most constant walk has to be through Derrydonnell woods. (More about that in a later blog post) Unusually, last Friday happened to be particularly sunny and Alan happened to get off work early, so we took the opportunity to have a walk around Reville Park, which is just out the road from us, in Oranmore.

Renville park is situated right on Galway bay, so there is a combination of cool sea breeze, yet a sheltered woodland & park walk that is approximately 3.5km. The front of the park is open to the bay, but as you meander through there is a small woodland area, which when we were there was blanketed in a thick covering of wild garlic.

Renville house sits right at the far end of the park, originally built in 1812, sadly all that is left today is an ivy covered ruin as it was destroyed by fire.

Continuing on there is another forest walk area, again covered with a blanket of garlic, which in the afternoon sun smelled so delightful as the light danced in-between the shade of the trees.

Following the path around the perimeter you eventually arrive at Renville Castle. Situated near the picnic & walled garden playground areas Renville castle is quite impressive. It dates  from the 15C and is one of the many DeBurgo Norman Castles in and around Galway.

Renville is a fab place to visit for a walk, picnic or just to lie on the grass and watch the day go by, that is if you have the opportunity.

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