First new video and post of 2017, but it is by no means the first I have drafted.

Progressively over the past number of years, I have been unpeeling the onion layers of ideas and cultural norms I have taken for granted most of my life.

So this year when it came to New Year’s Day 2017, it wasn’t different to any other day in 2016. I personally find every day a new beginning and have done so all year. This meant that I pretty much enjoyed most of 2016, bad days, good days and everything in between.

That being said there are many different New Year dates across the world and it just so happened that I was born in a part of the world that celebrates theirs on the 1st of January.

So in our spectacular multicultural, global world I have chosen to celebrate a new day every day, and so far it is working for me, no longer am I trapped in a way of thinking that perpetuates a bad habit, be that eating or feeling lazy, or crap in general, I can’t possibly when every day has a full set of possibilities for new choices.

Living isn’t a fixed destination point in the future –  rather a daily exploration

Which brings me back to this being the first video/post I have clicked to be live. I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to focus on the 1st of January being the first day of a new year or on it being a new and wonderful day, a day where we continued our journey connecting with nature through our routine walk in my favourite woodlands.

It wasn’t a magic day where I was suddenly going to break bad habits with the miracle mantra of New Year’s Day resolutions and become a different person.

Over the past 365 day of 2016 I did indeed change a lot of bad habits, one glorious new day at a time, so as a result, this January the 1st 2017 I am healthier and happier, I have travelled more, ticked more boxes in the areas I want to work in. I have continued with what works for me and slowly peeled away what doesn’t, discarding the negatives at the end of each day and waking to a new beginning full of possibilities every morning.

So eventually I came to the conclusion that the 1st of January wasn’t any more or less important to me a the preceding or succeeding days, they are all part of the whole of my life and as such I do enjoy each and every day.

I don’t wait for that magic day anymore, the day where I will have changed, or the day where I start to change, because, I can change every morning and one day I will be where I want to be, whilst also enjoying the journey. After all living isn’t a fixed destination point in the future, rather a daily exploration.

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