Whilst researching ‘things to see & do” in Malaga before our recent trip there, I stumbled across the MAUS (Malaga Arte Urbano SoHo) project and added it as a definite must visit when we got there. I am so glad I did, as it was well worth the half day we spent wandering around SoHo other wise known as the Barrio de las Artes (Art neighborhood).

Historically a very affluent neighborhood, which had gone into decline over the past fifty years, is in the process of being re-energised through cultural events and urban street art.

We began our visit and self guided walking tour at the CAC (the Centre for Contemporary Art), which like all of the high impacting street art is completely free. The CNC itself is worth visiting alone, so I will leave discussing it until a later blog post.

The MAUS project originated in 2013 when international street artists were invited to the SoHo neighborhood to create large scale signature pieces. For more about the actual project click here for their website.

I filmed our walking tour as we meandered, starting from the side of the CNC building by the river Guadalmedina. Part of the riverbed was actually dry and hosted a variety of urban street art pieces along the bridge and sides. Looking out towards the Mediterranean, the first large scale street art pieces by OBEYand D*FACE are an impressive sight. (Image in the top banner)

From there we literally wandered up and down streets, taking our time and soaking up the atmosphere, buildings were being gutted and renovated, locals busied themselves with daily chores, tourists either hurried by ticking boxes of items ‘to see’ or sat enjoying tapas and drinks, others meandered like us.

All united in a large urban scale art gallery where art and life meet like old friends passing in the street or as new acquaintances, spending brief moments together never destined to become friends only fond memories.

Follow our meandering walk through of one of the most impressive urban landscape galleries I have visited and if you do find yourself in Malaga with a half a day to spare I highly recommend taking the trip yourself.

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