Come on Belle, come on… Belle’s big floppy ears pricked up, she leaned her stubby freckled nose sidewards into the wind. Belle, I can’t wait forever, come on… Belle sprung to her feet, turning towards the kitchen door, it was slightly ajar.

Belle edged her way to the door, Ellie’s mum was sitting at the kitchen table, Belle could hear her deep broken-hearted sniffs; she had been that way for a few days.

Ellie must have skipped past, and quickly too, Belle didn’t like crying and neither did Ellie. But she didn’t have to run away so fast; calling out so only her voice could be carried on the wind. Belle raced to the garden gate, smacking it with her left paw it swung open slightly. Just enough space for her to wind her body through, pausing briefly she moved her nose through the air, just where had Ellie gone? Park or shop?

Neither seemed to hold her scent on the gently breeze that was blowing, and swirling around the stone pavement: Park, Belle decided.

Belle & Ellie love the park, Belle ran to the corner, past little Maria’s house, she was usually in the garden but not today. Some days she played outside, but never past the gate. Today the gate was closed and the house door closed.

Belle paused to smell the breeze again; this time she could smell Ellie, Belle’s little stumpy tail wagged faster than she could run.

Belle… Ellie called again. Belle arrived at the park gate. It was closed. Standing on her hind legs she pushed here nose through the fence peaks and took another deep sniff. Moving to the side Belle looked again, the park was empty.


Belle turned quickly, Ellie was upset, she must be on her way home. Belle ran back down the road, past the house Maria lives in and up to the garden gate. The door to the kitchen was open a little wider, she’s home Belle, bounded to the door and pushed it open.

No Ellie? She nuzzled her nose into the back of Elle’s mum’s hand; she lifted her hand and placed it on Belle’s head. She’s gone Belle, she is gone, tears streamed down Ellie’s mum’s face. Belle tilted her face side wards and tried to understand what she was saying…

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