Hanging Bridges of Los Cahorros Monachil

Hanging Bridges of Los Cahorros Monachil

Hanging Bridges of Los Cahorros Monachil

Over the last fortnight we spent eight days traveling around Granada, Malaga and the coast, lots of driving and walking along beaches, through towns, villages and some natural trails in the Sierra Nevada. Even though we had planned to do a whole heap of things, time mostly got the better of us.

By last Sunday we had reached our last full day in a small village just outside Granada called Huerta Vega and just a short 15 minute drive from there to another village Monachil meant that we could spend Sunday morning walking in the mountains.

We decided to take the easy trail along the Rio Monachil, which started the far side of the village. Parking was easy to find, even though the village was quite busy at the time. Following the signs at the beginning of the walk, it was really easy to access the river and follow along the path.


After walking near 125km over the previous week, before doing any hike, we only went for a gentle stroll by the river in the shade of the trees. The path itself is a mix of natural and man-made steps, banks with oodles of places to sit and, while away, a few hours listening to the cool mountain river babble past.

The path is famous for its hanging bridges and canyons. As we were just on a stroll, we decided to go back after the second hanging bridge, staying in the cool shade and taking some time to watch the rock climbers and paragliders.

On our way, we passed families on a day trip, picnickers and a fascinating restored building, the Central Electrica de Tranvias, which is used by the village of Monachil for electricity but was initially used to power the trams running in the nearby areas.

As a Sunday morning stroll after a very busy week, it was just perfect to dust off the hustle and bustle of travel and city walking. The only pity is that we didn’t have enough time overall. Most definitely, a revisit is on the cards.

Monachil itself is a wonderful village to visit, quiet, picturesque with benches running beside the river where you can people watch the local villagers playing boules, small farmers working the land by the riverside as they cleverly manipulate the soil to deliver cool mountain water to their vegetables, an absolute joy. We will be back…

The walk is very easy to find, we used our GPS to travel to Monachil village, and on the far side, there is a sign mapping out all of the routes. You can also get there by bus, which runs from Granada, I literally saw one passing us about every half hour when we were walking around Huerta Vega.

For more information, log onto the Monachil website click here

For up to date events, follow their Facebook page click here


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