Flash Fiction – top three tips

1. Focus on a single moment or idea: 
Flash fiction is all about brevity, so focusing on one specific moment or idea is essential. Think of a snapshot in time that captures the essence of your story. This could be a single image, a brief conversation, or a fleeting emotion.
2. Use concise language: 
In flash fiction, every word counts, so it’s essential to use concise language to convey your message effectively. Avoid unnecessary adjectives, adverbs, and long-winded descriptions. Instead, choose strong verbs and precise nouns to create a vivid and memorable story.
3. Leave room for interpretation: 
One of the unique features of flash fiction is that it leaves room for interpretation. Don’t feel you need to tie everything up neatly at the end of your story. Instead, leave some ambiguity for the reader to interpret and draw their conclusions. This can make your story more thought-provoking and engaging.


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