Raging, absolutely raging, did you see your man, the state of him, who the feck does he thing he is, sitting outside the shop. Feckin’ raging, had to get really angry to get him to move, call security like. I’m telling ya, I’m raging. Ya, it’s pure shite what you have...

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John and James, Short but not Sweet

John and James like to sit on a rock facing out to sea. It is early morning, post breakfast, blue skies, blue water with one single grey as grey cloud sitting right in the middle of everything blue. John is sixty-five and missing a leg. James is sixty-five and has...

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The Roses

The tiny bricked in garden, dominated by a single thorny overgrown rose bush, grey brick walls, no door and only one small wooden sash window she looks through to see her precious roses. The estate agent opened the door which stuck half way and had to be pushed with a...

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