I wandered sleepily at twilight, traversing this world and the other, neither awake nor asleep, feeling everything and absolutely nothing. My time to leave had arrived. I had wasted too much precious time dreading it, not taking full advantage of my journey. Human feelings are such a contradiction of emotions.

It all started only a week ago Friday, I was singing in the garden. That is what all us wee folk do, we sing. On this day a little nightingale sang the sweetest tune to my ear, it so filled my heart with joy; I sang louder and even louder still, not taking care of who may hear me. But, I should have.

Suddenly a dark cloud covered the sky, and I was enveloped by something strange, everything was dark, warm, sticky and I was no longer on the grass. It was as though the world was ending, I tried to sing, but was choked. Moments turned to minutes and minutes into hours; I had very little understanding of time then.

A crack of light appeared and I slid down and down, landing with a thump on a very large piece of wood, a really very large piece of wood, and everything was bright, brighter than daylight. And everything was big, really, really big; we had stories about these places. I had often sat by the flowers and chatted with the bees when they visited and they would tell me of their adventures to the big houses, where giants called people lived, but they were long gone now. One day they all just went to sleep.

It took me a while to focus on where I actually was, I was so small and it was so hard to see everything. When right in front of me I saw a tin box and attached to the tin box was a doll’s hand. I knew it was a doll, because I had dolls at home, but never had I seen such a really huge doll’s hand. Slowly I looked up from hand to arm, arm to neck and finally to the face. She towered above me. Then bending forward she smiled.

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