Embroidered in Love

Embroidered in Love is part of a series of short films entitled “Straight Up”.
Love and loss explored through embroidery.
An experimental short poetry short shot on Super 8 Film.

Woman – Hoda Saoud
Writer/Director – Tina O’Rourke
Editor/Camera/Producer – Alan Fitzpatrick


The warp and weft of woven fabric,

creates strength in the cloth.

The blank canvas that is to be

imbued with creativity.

Excitement overwhelms in the beginning

masking the hard graft ahead.

The sweet slow beginning of the

roller coaster entices you

over and over again.

In the middle emotions spin.

The head speaking one language

the heart another.

Singular emotions cut deep into your pit,

wrenching you in two.

Whilst in the midst of transforming the canvas

it becomes you and you it.

The excitement turns to pain.

Brief moments of mundane life

become a paradise of treasures.

A place to lose yourself

between the ebb and flow of pitiful emotion.

The end is in sight.

The all-important tool,

the thin silver needle

tears through your flesh.

Yet these moments are trivial

in comparison to the whole.

The games you act out with yourself

to the finish.

Then, all too soon the final moment arrives.

The rite of passage through pain,

the last prick of the needle,

the final knot in the thread.

The moment the cloth will live with

for eternity.

The moment you have prayed for.

The end.

An anti-climactic moment of neutrality.

The silence of freedom where you can

hear the birds sing again.

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