Editing my first draft

At this stage, I have lost count of how many times I have attempted to return to this book. ‘Attempted’ being the central theme here, I never got past the re-read of the first draft.

To rectify this, I have cleared a space, fixed my desk, and ordered my random filing system on my computer.

This book started as a dream in 1992 and made its way to the first draft in 2005. Since then, it has been sitting in my filing cabinet and gnawing away at the back of my mind.

To commit to completing the second draft, I decided today to start this journal on the 26th of September and will post my progress here over the next month or so.

I have also decided to try Scrivener and will see how it goes.

But really, the main eye-opener I had last week was in my approach to the 2nd draft and managing my expectations.

I realised that my first draft was me vomiting the story for 55,000 words, a skeleton that needs dissecting, and the words written again. Not a rework of the wording, a complete restart, I need to add flesh and blood and clothing, but most importantly, have fun.

So off I go again –

Today’s / This week’s jobs –

  • Learn Scrivener, or at least decide if I want to use it.
  • Choose my high concept line – this has already started to change and focus my ideas.
  • Break down the novel scenes. I have a printed copy and will be using scissors. (Old school at the moment – this is where I am hoping Scrivener will come in handy)
  • Pick my story POV or multiple POVs.
  • Pick my story tense.
  • Start writing


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