Walking away!

Earthworm Jacob moving forward, busily munches through delicious rotting food when, there, innocuous, -: “Walking away,” messily scrawled on a small piece of paper.

Stopped in his tracks Earthworm Jacob pauses. Pauses to ponder, never before, never before paused, and he kind of liked it.

Munching took a lot of work, it was his job to munch and munch through acres of decomposing stuff.

He pondered on the words, “walking away”, he pondered about the munching, he pondered about the stuff he had to munch and munch through and then he pondered about “walking away”.

Why? “Walking away”. Why? The pile of rotting stuff to munch through. Why? Munch at all. 

THEN! Why am I here?

Split second, Earthworm Jean moving forward munched through “Walking away”.

Earthworm Jacob :- ‘ We must munch, munch, Earthworm Jacob!’

Earthworm Jean continued munching past.

Earthworm Jacob began munching again.

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