We all slowly bum-slid down the wooden stairs, Panda, doll and me.

“Daddy, look what’s on the floor”.

I don’t think mommy liked it because she screamed “Daddy get rid of it”.

I thought it looked strange, moving its body from side to side on the brown stone floor. It looked like a small dinosaur. I knew they were still alive, no matter what anyone said, sure at least one lived in every mountain and hill.

I was just glad that this one had come from a small hill. If it was a mountain our new visiting house would have ended up in Australia and what would we do then.

Mommy was holding on to baby and running around the house, maybe she knew something we didn’t know.

Daddy saved the day though and picked up the thing. He said it was a lizard, but I knew he meant dinosaur. So we burnt him. Daddy said it was cremated, but it looked like it was burnt to me.

This was to make sure that it didn’t get as big as a mountain and come back and send us all to Australia.

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