Dailies is a self-set writing challenge focusing on writing creatively each day for 30 days.

My basic guidelines are:

  • 300 word max
  • Each section is focused around the chosen theme
  • The sections do not have to be in chronological order
  • Have fun

Theme – Contract killer who is haunted by their first hit.

Note: thank you to John Fox for the theme idea – https://thejohnfox.com/2016/07/creative-writing-ideas-and-prompts/

Dailies 4 & 5

So consequences - My hit, Joey, the ghost, whatever you or I would like to call him, to be specific the giant elephant in the room, that’s always there and I literally mean always. The first I knew anything about him was exactly one week after I had finished my...

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Dailies 3

But before I go any further let me begin at the beginning, my family had a secret. One so hidden that neither my siblings nor I knew it existed until the day it caught up with us with a bang. Our mother, our sweet wouldn't harm a butterfly mother, was actually...

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Dailies 2

It’s not like he actually lost me, not since the day I killed him. Well, I nearly killed him. Do we really have to do this each time? Sighing, all I can do is look at his sad face and feel guilty for shouting at him. ‘Look I’m sorry, but I don't like waiting outside,...

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Dailies 1

‘Let me introduce myself’. Well, that's how it went, he walked up to me, smiling, tipping his head slightly to the left side, with a cheeky lopsided grin looking like Joey from Dawson’s Creek, but the boy version.   But this is really all irrelevant; I’m...

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