But before I go any further let me begin at the beginning, my family had a secret. One so hidden that neither my siblings nor I knew it existed until the day it caught up with us with a bang.

Our mother, our sweet wouldn’t harm a butterfly mother, was actually descended from a tribe of nomadic assassins cursed by one of their victims’ families to wander the globe for eternity.

YEA, right! Imagine how we all felt when suddenly this revelation landed at our front door in the form of a polite, suited man who appeared to know our mother really well.

It turned out that some of the family members; the suited man being one of them was actually part of the originals.

The originals, as explained later by mother, were all over nine hundred years old, could never die, could never be killed, doomed to live for eternity, with one small reprieve, their children could live as normal, be born and die, and she was one of them.

Seriously, and what’s more even Dad didn’t know! Right! It was her secret, the only thing she had to do in return for the ‘family’, was provide a family ‘true’ assassin in return for her normal life.

And apparently one of us, her kids, was that ‘true’ assassin, since we are here; there is no need to guess who? Yes that’s right it’s me, Jane, middle sibling, unremarkable, quiet, plain, up until the moment the suited man crossed the threshold into our house.

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