It’s not like he actually lost me, not since the day I killed him. Well, I nearly killed him.

Do we really have to do this each time? Sighing, all I can do is look at his sad face and feel guilty for shouting at him.

‘Look I’m sorry, but I don’t like waiting outside, and you always take ages’.

Well it’s not like I can just pick any random stranger to shoot, I do have to earn a living you know. Not everyone here can get away with not eating.

Flapping my hands back and forward between the two of us, Joey still doesn’t seem to process that I do need to eat, keep a roof over our heads, do all the normal things that actually being alive entails.

‘I’ll just go over here’, he whispers as he floats off into the corner and stands in the centre of a small console table.

I’ve a confession to make, now it’s disturbing enough to be followed around by my ghost, spectre, whatever he is, but most of the time I’m kind of ok with it, more in keeping with getting used to it, just not when he is oblivious of solid furniture and stands smack in the centre of it.

Can we not do that? Looking down, and not seeing his toes, a pretty good clue as to what he shouldn’t be doing.

‘I’m sorry, I keep…’

Look stop, he’s gone.


MHH, let me see, the person I was supposed to like, kill!


Yes, oh! Now I am going to have to come back next week and do this whole set up AGAIN!


In truth, it was me who was sorry, sorry that I had ever killed Joey to begin with. I had been warned connecting with a mark had consequences. Yes, giant inconceivable consequences.

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