Charlie & Nora

One-act play and two short film scripts

A character study in one act and two short film scripts

Recipient of a publication grant from the Arts Office, Galway County Council.

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Charlie & Nora Book

Theatre Play – Charlie & Nora

First presented in Ireland at the Town Hall Theatre, Galway, on the 7th of June 1999.

Short film – Charlie Boy

(Short-listed for the GFC/RTE Script Award)

Short film – Paper Dolls

(Winner of the GFC/RTE Short Script Award)



“There is a quiet little gem playing in the Town Hall Theatre this week. Both actors give strong performances but Ger Considine while telling of the love story in his past gives a very special moment to the audience.”

The Galway Advertiser

“Tina O’Rourke’s two-hander is a simple but effective piece. Basically a conversation between two lonely middle-aged people on a “date”; It takes place on a rough-hewn park bench serenaded by the sounds of ambient traffic – it gradually yields its story and its riches. This is a quiet, careful production that repays attention.”

The Irish Times


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