Jardim Botânico da Universidade de Lisboa.

I do love gardening and my little garden at home, so when I discovered our Airbnb was just across the road from the Botanic gardens, I had to visit. Even though it wasn’t very hot, around 23 degrees while we were in Lisbon, it seemed far hotter than the recorded temperature, and gardens have that lovely ability to cool everything down once under their shaded protection.

The garden itself has a fee of 2 euros to enter and it comes with a warning, apparently due to funding issues there is very little maintenance carried out, just the basic amount to keep it ticking over and this was very apparent. But I loved it, I love gardens that are not too prettified, and allowed to wander in their own direction, living and breathing for itself.

One of the first areas we came across was the cacti plants, now having only seen in real life my small aloe plants at home and the various cacti I have, these were huge actual trees and bush structures. This small area was my favourite section, just seeing how these plants exist outside in a warm climate in comparison to back home in Ireland makes me want to visit them in their actual own habitat.

National Museum of Natural History & Science Botanic Garden Lisbon

Moving on from there, the garden is more over grown and unkempt, the small hedged area has definitely seen better days. Yet it still provides shade for the birds and insects, while flowers grow precariously wherever they take seed.

Further into the garden, the trees provided the much needed shade and the birds sang a mixture of melodies as the wild cats made there way through the undergrowth.

I would definitely visit there again, part of me hopes it can retain the mix of the human hand print of planting and structuring juxtaposed against the plants ability to move grow and restructure themselves.

The garden is located at Rua da Escola Politécnica 54, 1250-102 Lisbon and it is definitely a place to visit as a small tranquil haven in the middle of a bustling city. Visit their website.

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