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I write in various genres, a selection of which is available here. I have always loved writing and am interested in Travel, Storytelling, Craft & Design. Depending on your interest, I have broken down each section and created an archive of my theatre and screenplay scripts. They are all accessible from the menu above or the icons below.

Tina O Rourke and Millie the springer Spaniel pictures on Achill Island in Ireland

Short Stories

James & Malcolm
823 words 3 min 17 sec reading time James sat down on the stone walkway just beneath the city centre bridge. He had been unceremoniously removed from the nearby shopping centre a few minutes earlier and had nowhere else to go that was safe at least. It was a Saturday,...
The Memory Men
471 words 1 min 53 sec reading time I remember the first time my Gran mentioned them, the Memory Men. She mumbled the exact words over and over again - the Memory Men sing, the Memory Men play, the Memory Men stay. They only come at night, she whispered in my ear so...
437 words 1 min 45 sec reading time I am Sidhe*. I am Eternal.We choose to live as non-Eternals for seventy years lest we forget. It is the day of my transformation. Today, it will begin and end. For seventy years, I have looked through their eyes and listened through...
I bucked
635 words 2 min 32 sec reading time I sank into my seat on the bus, breathing so loudly I could hear every muscle popping in my chest. I promised myself yesterday, and come to think of it, the day before that and every day since last Wednesday, that I wouldn't run for...

Extra in the Ordinary

Everyday things I see and the extraordinary in them.

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